MSBuild with Cruise Control .NET - Part 2 (NUnit)

In a previous post, I laid out our standard structure for MSBuild with Cruise Control.  Now I will show the details of FxCop and NUnit.

Now you want to run FxCop:

<Target Name="FxCop" DependsOnTargets="Build">  
        Command="fxcopcmd /p:&quot;$(CCNetWorkingDirectory)SolutionAnalysis.FxCop&quot; /out:&quot;$(CCNetArtifactDirectory)SolutionAnalysis-Fxcop.xml&quot;"   
        WorkingDirectory="C:Program FilesMicrosoft FxCop 1.35"  
        Text="This solution does not contain a SolutionAnalysis.FxCop file in the solution root." />  
        <Message Text="TestVar = $(TestVar)"/>  

You'll notice that this is looking for a "well-known" file called "SolutionAnalysis.fxcop" location in the root of our solution.  You may have 20 projects on CCNet - this enables a standard structure across all solutions.  If it doesn't find this file, it simply skips the step via the Condition attribute on the Exec task. This Exec task simply calls