AppFabric Workflow Persistence Not Fully Functional Because Net.Pipe Protocol is Missing

When setting up my AppFabric environment yesterday, I was running into (what I thought) was a strange error:

Workflow persistence is not fully functional because the net.pipe protocol is missing from the application's list of enabled protocols.

At first, I was quite confused by this. I had double-checked to make sure that net.pipe was enabled.  First I checked the Site Bindings for the web site itself:

Next, I check the Enabled protocols by going to "Advanced Settings" at the application level. Sure enough, I had previously added "net.pipe" in the comma separated list:

After a few minutes of beating my head against the wall, it occurred to me that IIS might be picky with how the Enabled Protocols is formatted.  Sure enough, the problem is that I did not realize I had a {space} after the comma.  I had "http, net.pipe" when I should have had "http,net.pipe". Once I removed the space, everything was resolved:

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