CMAP Code Camp – MVC in the Real World Code Samples and Extra Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended my "MVC in the Real World" presentation at CMAP Code Camp today.  The code as well as the PowerPoint can be downloaded here:

MVC in the Real World Download

I also had a few other requests during the talk.  First, I had a request to post the code as it looked at the very beginning of my talk before I modified anything.  You'll find that link on the download page above as well (file name:

Second, I was asked about a couple of the tools I was using.  You can see the links for all the tools I use (almost all free) on my Developer Tools and Utilities page.

Third, I had a request to post some links that discussed some of the Unit Testing best practices. Brad Wilson (one of the primary developers of xUnit) co-authored this excellent article: Effective Unit Testing. I also really like this slide deck which he also published: Lessons Learned in Programmer Testing. Roy Osherove also has a great post on Naming Standards for Unit Tests. Finally, I love this article by Jeremy Miller in MSDN magazine entitled Designing for Testability. One of his article's major premises is that "testable" code typically will naturally result in "well designed" code – a concept that I'm a huge fan of.

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