KnockoutJS Course on Pluralsight

My newest course was published yesterday on Pluralsight on KnockoutJS. The course can be viewed here. It is divided up into 4 modules. The first module gives an introduction to Knockout and shows a "Beyond Hello World" demo. The second module discusses the different types of observables you have in Knockout and demos of each. The third module focus on bindings including templating and custom bindings. The fourth module brings everything together with data features while shows a few more advanced techniques. The following is the description of the course:

As web applications become richer and more interactive, a better client-side experience is essential and expected by the user. KnockoutJS is a JavaScript MVVM framework that provides developers with a robust toolset including declarative bindings, dependency tracking, and advanced templating. In addition to all the powerful tools that are built-in, the extensibility of KnockoutJS is what allows you to take your applications to the next level. Whether you're building a desktop browser application or a mobile application, KnockoutJS enables you to take full advantage of HTML5 and JavaScript while working in any mainstream browser.

Go check it out!

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