MVC 2 in 2 Minutes!

In a couple of recent Code Camps, I've given my presentation: Top 10 Ways MVC 2 Will Boost Your Productivity. In the presentation, I cover all major new features introduced in MVC 2 with a focus on productivity enhancements. To drive the point home, I conclude with a final demo where I build a couple of screens from scratch highlighting many (but not all) of the features previously covered in the talk. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to make it available online so here it is. In 2 minutes the demo builds a couple screens from scratch that provide a goal setting tracker for a user.

MVC 2 features included in the video are:

  • Template Helpers / Editor Templates
  • Server-side/Client-side Validation
  • Model Metadata for View Model
  • HTML Encoding Syntax
  • Dependency Injection
  • Abstract Controllers
  • Custom T4 Templates
  • Custom MVC Visual Studio 2010 Code Snippets

The complete code samples and slide deck can be downloaded here: Top 10 Ways MVC 2 Will Boost Your Productivity.


(Right-click and Zoom to view in full screen)

Click here for Direct link to video

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