New Pluralsight Course: AngularUI Fundamentals


I'm pleased to announce my latest Pluralsight course has been released: AngularUI Fundamentals.

The amazing rise in popularity of AngularJS has been well documented in the last couple of years. During that time AngularUI has really become the "go to" UI library for enhancing Angular apps.

This is very much a code-focused course. Throughout this course, I continue to build out the app that I showed in my previous Pluralsight course: Building Mobile Apps With the Ionic Framework and AngularJS. In the previous course, I built out the mobile app – in this course, I focus on the Admin app which is used to organize the schedule for basketball leagues/tournaments – you'll see the Admin app built from start to finish. The admin app provided a good way to show various components like UI-Router, UI-GMap, UI-Calendar, UI-Grid, UI-Ace, and more!

Course Modules

  1. Introduction – In this module, I'll introduce AngularUI and show the app that we'll be building throughout the course.
  2. UI-Bootstrap – I'll start by showing UI-Bootstrap and almost all of the components that come with it. This enables Bootstrap to be used natively with Angular, without a jQuery dependency.
  3. UI-Router – Here I'll introduce UI-Router and show various aspects such as nested views.
  4. UI-Modules with External Dependencies – In this module, I'll show three modules that do have external dependencies (e.g., jQuery) – UI-Calendar, UI-GMap, and UI-ACE.
  5. UI-Modules – Native – Here I'll show modules that have full native Angular implementations with no external dependencies – UI-Grid, UI-Select, and UI-Alias.
  6. UI-Utils – In this final module, I'll show several of the most-used UI-Utils including Keypress, Event Binder, Highlight, Mask, and others.

The following is the official description of the course:

AngularUI has established itself as the ultimate companion framework for building AngularJS applications. In this course, we'll see how to quickly get up and running with AngularUI. We will cover UI-Bootstrap so we can leverage the Bootstrap framework without a jQuery dependency. We will then dive into UI-Router to see how this powerful routing alternative can be fully leveraged in your apps. We will cover numerous modules, including UI-Calendar, UI-GMap, UI-Grid, UI-Select, and more! By the end of the course, you'll be able to start building your own apps using AngularUI on top of AngularJS!

If you want to take your AngularJS apps to the next level, then I encourage you to check out my latest course on AngularUI!

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