Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Telerik AppBuilder


I'm pleased to announce that my latest Pluralsight course has been released: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Telerik AppBuilder.

Telerik AppBuilder enables developers to easily build native-like Cordova-based (aka PhoneGap) apps with HTML/JavaScript. Mobile app development does not have to be as painstaking as it has been in previous years. Building hybrid mobile applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS enables you to deploy your app on multiple platforms without having to learn a new programming language for each platform. Hybrid apps enable you to re-use your existing JavaScript and HTML skills to quickly build compelling apps. Telerik AppBuilder is one of the best tools available today for building cross-platform applications. AppBuilder represents a giant leap forward for development tools for mobile apps. In this course, we will look at all of the major features of AppBuilder including the three IDEs, the robust AppBuilder simulator, debugging with AppBuilder, built-in project templates, working with plugins, Everlive services, source control, deployment, and more!

Telerik AppBuilder was formerly called Icenium and, in fact, when the Pluralsight course was first published (a few weeks ago) it was still called Icenium. Therefore, there are many references to "Icenium" during the course but the main titles have been changed. Anywhere where you see/hear a reference to "Icenium", just substitute "Telerik AppBuilder" for the new name and know that it's referring to the same thing. One other aspect is that in this course I focused more on the AppBuilder tool itself – and less on the underlying code. In potential future courses, I will focus more on the underlying code for mobile apps.

If you've been frustrated by the painstaking process of building mobile apps in the past and you are looking for a fun way to build iOS and Android App Store applications with HTML/JS then I encourage you to check out my course on Telerik AppBuilder!

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