Teach Your Kid to Code – BaltoMSDN

This Wednesday my son and I will be presenting "Teach Your Kid to Code" at BaltoMSDN. We did this presentation in November at CMAP and had a great turnout! We hope to see you (and your child!) on Wednesday night! This is the presentation abstract:

Have you ever wanted a way to teach your kid to code? For that matter, have you ever wanted to simply be able to explain to your kid what you do for a living? Putting things in a context that a kid can understand is not as easy as it sounds. If you are someone curious about these concepts, this is a "can't miss" presentation that will be co-presented by Justin Michelotti (5th grader) and his father. Bring your kid with you to BaltoMSDN for this fun and educational session. We will show tools you may not have been aware of like SmallBasic and Kodu – we'll even throw in a little Visual Studio. Concepts such as variables, conditionals, loops, and functions will be covered while we introduce object oriented concepts without any of the confusing words. Kids are not required for entry!

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