Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools Screencast

Microsoft just released the Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools extension and it is awesome. A summary of all the features can be found here and it is available in the Visual Studio Gallery here. There are a bunch of great features but, in my opinion, the best one is the replacement for the Add Reference dialog. This gives sub-string search capabilities as well as the ability to add multiple references without having to continually re-open the dialog. For this feature alone, you should install the Pro Power Tools right now. There are a few blogs posts that do a good job describing all the features but what I wanted to do here was to post a quick screencast (7 minutes) that shows the features that I think are really cool. I show most (but not all) of the features focusing on the ones I think are the best. The features I cover are:

  • Installation with the Extension Manager
  • Add Reference Dialog replacement
  • Tab Well including pinned tabs, pinned tabs in second row, fixed close button, colorized tabs, dirty indicator
  • Highlight current line
  • Triple Click for full-line selection
  • Ctrl + Click for Go To Definition
  • Colorized Parameter Help


(Right-click and Zoom to view in full screen)

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