New Pluralsight Course: ng-bootstrap Playbook

I'm pleased to announce my latest (and 10th!) Pluralsight course went live last week: ng-bootstrap Playbook.

ng-bootstrap provides a native Angular implementation for the rich components in the Bootstrap library, enabling great user experiences. In this course, ng-bootstrap Playbook, you will learn how to fully utilize the ng-bootstrap library. First, you will see how to install ng-bootstrap into your own apps and get up and running quickly. Next, you will get familiar with how to use ng-bootstrap Forms and Structural components. Finally, you will explore ng-bootstrap Informational and Navigation components. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of ng-bootstrap needed to fully leverage these awesome components in your apps.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction - This module introduces the framework and we preview the demo app used in the course.
  2. Initial App Setup - This modules sets up the initial app structure and installs ng-bootstrap into the app.
  3. Basic Forms - Here we cover the basic forms components including the datepicker, timepicker, rating, and typeahead.
  4. Structural Components - This module covers the structural components including the accordion, modal, tabs, and carousel.
  5. Informational Components - Next we dive into information components such as the alert, tooltip, popover, and progressbar.
  6. Navigation Components - The final module will deep dive into pagination - both on the client-side and server-side.

If you want to learn how to quickly build apps with the latest version of Angular and Bootstrap leveraging the ng-bootstrap library, checkout my latest course on ng-bootstrap.

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