New Pluralsight Course - Dapper: Getting Started

I just released my latest (and 11th!) Pluralsight course: Dapper: Getting Started. Dapper provides a super fast library for mapping between databases and .NET objects. This code-focused course will introduce you to all the basics you need to be productive with Dapper and incorporate it into your own apps. This course is largely a "refresh" of my origial Micro ORMs course from back in 2013 - but updated for the modern day using Visual Studio 2019. You can check out this course here.

Dapper: Getting Started

Also, a few months ago I released ng-bootstrap Playbook. ng-bootstrap provides seamless integration between the latest versions of Angular and Bootstrap. This course will introduce you to every component in the ng-bootstrap library and show you how to easily use them in your own apps. You can check out this course here.

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